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Inspired by actual events, The God Complex takes readers on a thrill ride through Chinese medicine. Discover the secrets of the Orient as you embark on a ‘factional’ adventure pitting Eastern medicine against its critics in the West. Each clue brings you one step closer to solving the mystery and uncovering an ancient secret that connects Chinese medicine to martial arts.
Setting – Prague
Set in Prague, the book also serves as a surrogate tour guide, offering readers a unique perspective of the city and its culture. Learn a few Czech words, dishes, and customs. Find the restaurants described inside and dine with locals. Turn your trip to Prague into an adventure. – View Map

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Reviews “The intrigue that follows and the information revealed leave the reader gripped in a story that crosses continents, and mixes Eastern and Western medical practices. “The God Complex” is fascinating and makes the reader question if everything we’ve been told by the medical community is truly accurate …”

“By crafting an engaging experience that makes you want to know what happens next, Titus successfully gets his story out in a way that doesn’t lose readers, imparts the lessons that came with his fifteen year journey, and above all, he makes it entertaining. Keep an eye on this book. It’s sure to set some records.

“I absolutely devoured this book! I found it engaging and very well written. The reason I am giving this book 5 stars is because not only was the story engaging, but it was fast paced and I could identify with one of the main characters, Steve. Like him, I was upset with Western Medicine and how I felt and sometimes do still feel dismissed. It was in Eastern medicine combined with Western medicine that I found many of my issues able to be controlled.” —My Random Thoughts

“With real events woven into an intriguing fictional mystery, The God Complex takes you through a twisting journey of unrelenting symptoms, strange medical encounters, traditional fighting skills and finally peace. The characters are believable, the settings are real and Steve Benson’s difficulties finding relief are all too true. If you are interested in alternative medicine, like a page-turner that takes you on an exciting journey, then this book is a must read.” —Misty Bay

“I hope this is the first of many books to come from Chris Titus. He obviously has the unique ability to take a difficult to understand topic and present it as a back drop and plot line to an exciting, twisting adventure novel. This story is a page turner. As a health care provider I witness daily the harsh effects of western medicine on patient moral and their health. This story is poignant to our time as we in the west seek a patient centered health care system, not one controlled by the hospitals, the pharmaceutical and the insurance industries. Herein a western doctor is forced to use his own medicine to cure himself, the results are exciting, relevant and thought provoking. This book is for patients and practitioners alike. Read it!”
Frank Caruso LAc (Amazon)


“As an acupuncturist, I found The God Complex to be impeccably researched and giving suspense to a story that would otherwise be difficult for the mainstream reader. As a patient having fallen through the cracks of Western medicine and nearly losing my life, I’m grateful to Chris Titus for having written a book that brings a new view on why taking charge of one’s health is so important. I can’t wait to recommend this book to my patients. This was a great read.”Laura S Kara LAc (Amazon)


The God Complex

The God Complex

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  • Keywords: Traditional Chinese medicine, five element acupuncture, martial arts, dim mak, qigong, western medicine, impotence, Prague, Czech Republic, Boston, Massachusetts, English as a Second Language (ESL), teaching abroad, travel, history, and culture.

      Title: The God Complex
    Author: Chris Titus
    ISBN: 978-1453717028
    Publisher: Guru Knee Press